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45th BPSC Common Combined Competitive Preliminary Examination-2002 :-Solutions with Explanations of 10 Maths questions asked in GS Paper

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Solutions with Explanations of  ‘10 Maths Questions’ asked in General Studies Paper of  “45th BPSC Common Combined Competitive Preliminary Examination – 2002 ” . 


Since 39th BPSC Common Combined (Pre.) competitive Exam-1994, BPSC is asking 10 questions of Mathematics and General Mental Ability out of its 150 questions in General Studies Paper in Preliminary Test.

These 10 maths questions are very important for scoring well in PT Exam in addition to other type of questions  asked in the Exam .

Actually time factor matters in solving maths questions asked in PT Exam, as one has to answer a total of  150 questions including maths questions in 2 hours (i.e 120 minutes) time.

So, in addition to have sound knowledge in mathematics , the Efficiency in solving the maths questions is very  essential to score well in the Exam. For this a sound knowledge of  types of maths questions asked and a thorough practice of similar types questions , well before exam will definitely going to benefit  in scoring well in BPSC PT .

Here my endeavour is to present a very simple and lucid Explanation and Analysis of the Previous year Mathematics questions appearing in the General Studies paper of  BPSC Common Combined (Pre.) Competitive Exam.

you can download Solutions with Explanations of 10 Maths questions asked in General Studies Paper of 45th BPSC Common Combined Competitive Preliminary Examination-2002  through PDF Download 1  tab and Trend analysis of Mathematics Questions asked in BPSC Common Combined Competitive (Preliminary) Examination from 1994 to 2016  through  PDF Download 2  tab , appearing below.

PDF Download 1
PDF Download 2

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