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About Us

 Education, is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the World : Nelson Mandela 

Education is just like a catalyst which  transforms  ‘Humans’ into ‘Human Resources’ .

In other words, Education is analogous to powerful agents  which transforms Coal into Diamond with passage of time under its impact .

Education enlarges  the ‘Horizon of Human Perception‘ and continuously sharpens the ‘Cognitive Power of Humans‘ .

Todays Internet connectivity  has made the whole world a Global Village .

In this Globalised era, There is a great Thrust on Smart Education which helps in building Strong  Foundation in students from very beginning of their life and its end product is a very smart & productive Human resource .

Days are gone when we used to talk about story of rabbit and turtle race, Now a days Competitive exams have completely changed the landscape of Race course & the race is between two rabbits and winner is the rabbit who is very smart & efficient in their race.

uksinghmaths.com is the name of a mission that attempt to provide online mathematics materials for various competitive examination free of cost and quality literary content of mathematics for academic enrichment of students .  Actually this work is a result of passion of Founder in the education sector and to solve the problem faced by innumerable students whose dreams of  realising their vision are shattered due to financial and locational and other types of constraints faced by them in accessing good infrastructure in education and quality literary contents, about which the Founder has personal experience and realised these things during the journey of his Academic and Professional life .

This online work is the brainchild of the Founder and at this time, it is in nascent stage and it will take a considerable time to fill this website with quality content because of constraint of time of Founder due to official and other discourses of life .

This work is due to passion of Founder in Education Sector and  It is a type of social work and all the contents are free of cost and accessible to everyone and at any time online.  You can use it for preparations of exams and for enrichment of your knowledge base, but any commercial production and tempering with my work is strictly prohibited. You can share it anywhere for educational purposes by giving proper reference to uksinghmaths.com.  All materials are available only Online and there is no any physical set up like institute anywhere .

In the articles Founder will provide some Cartoons type pictures ( A Special name is given for this is PCM-Picture that Convinced Me ) to make the content humorous and more lively . Actually the idea of PCM is  brainchild of Founder and it is created using some free available images and cartoonics pictures  and  arranged in some abstract way according to Founder’s thinking relating with the central idea of  article in some humorous way. All pictures are used in PCM with honest thinking and without any mala fide intension towards anyone except to create a humour for relaxation of mind and proper grasping of literary contents . A typical example of PCM is :-

The aim is to empower the students with power of Mathematics .

Last but not the least, the Founder wishes you all  great success in all spheres of your Life and a very very bright professional life of your choice in future .

If you have any query, kindly contact me through following email IDs :

uksinghmaths@gmail.com and info@uksinghmaths.com


uksingh , Founder uksinghmaths.com

Educational Profile :

M.Sc. Tech(AGP), IIT (ISM) Dhanbad

B.Sc. Maths(H), VBU Hazaribagh

Currently, doing  analysis work in  mathematics to remove Math-Phobia from students and make it a better place to learn mathematics in a humorous ways.

Profesional Profile :

An Executive Officer in a Maharatna PSU, Govt. of India .

( Competent Approval has been taken from my Company for this Educational work )